Boundary Equipment specializes in Aftermarket Mining Replacement Parts. We are able to design, manufacture, replace and repair equipment parts for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bucyrus Erie, Hitachi, O&K, and P&H mining shovels and drills.

More than superior components, Boundary instills quality in every aspect of the business. From materials to business practices, we define quality by the full experience, not just the end product.

A worldwide supplier with extensive engineering capability.

Single Source Procurement

After many customer requests, we expanded our network and developed the Boundary Mining Group - a network of companies with expertise in custom manufacturing, castings, gearing, cylinders, and undercarriage parts and components.

As a result, we've expanded our range of products and services while maintaining our high standards for quality and innovation. Any customer of Boundary can now access our entire network of products and services through a single point of contact.

Quality First

Early on we implemented a Quality Management System to prove our commitment to quality and proudly maintain our resulting ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We constantly monitor and measure our product characteristics to ensure our high standards are maintained or improved. Each stage of our product development process includes thorough testing and analysis to uphold the standards and deliver superior mining equipment components to our customers.

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Featured Product

CAT 7495 Undercarriage

Through continuous improvement in the last 40 years, Boundary has optimized its rope shovel undercarriage components

CAT 7495 track shoes are available in alloy bushed or unbushed and manganese, from proprietary materials

Slider system re-designed for bolt on sliders

Rollers, rear idlers and shafts forged and induction hardened

All components 100% interchangeable with OEM components