Improving AHS Infrastructure

MTGA (the Mining Technicians Group of Australia) products include advanced mining technology to improve AHS infrastructure through access control, establishing LTE and WIFI networks, implementing remote power stations, data monitoring and autonomous command and operation.

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Find the right product to support and compliment your autonomous haulage system implementation.

  • Standalone Network Infrastructure

    Single Device Trailers and Skids

    Double Device Trailers and Skids

    Double Device Trailers and Skids for Extreme Temps & Low Light

    High-Powered or Multi Device Trailers & Skids

    Semi-Portable Base Stations (Options Available)

    Custom Trailers or Base Stations

  • Access & Traffic Control

    8 Metre Boom Gate Skid

    12 Metre Boom Gate Skid

    5 Metre Artic Boom Gate Trailer

    In-Vehicle Boom Gate Controls

  • Masts

    Electric Over Hydraulic Mast

    Linear Actuator Mast



Safer Autonomous Systems