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Durapac Safe D Lock

The Safe D Lock® jack is a revolutionary design with the operators' safety paramount. It is a lifting jack and rated vehicle jacking stand for heavy mining vehicles. The addition of the POWERDRIVE transforms the Safe D Lock into a self-propelled jack.

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Safe D Lock® Jack + POWERDRIVE

Certified Jack and Stand Features

Australian designed and built to meet AS/NZS 2693:2007 standard for vehicle jacks, it also meets AS/NZS 2538:2004 standard for vehicle support stands. The jack uses patented oil-bathed internal locking quadrants that are constantly energized during the lifting process to give a fail-safe operation. This locking mechanism automatically engages in the unlikely event of a hydraulic failure. The Safe D Lock jack is compact and portable and is the perfect choice for the workshop or service vehicle.

Patented fail safe automatically engages in unlikely event of hydraulic failure

Spring loaded mechanical locking system

Oil-bathed and totally enclosed to prevent contamination

Internal locking quadrants are constantly energized during the lifting process

Can be locked in 13 mm increments


Safe D Lock


Durapac's Safe D Lock Jack is the perfect choice for your workshop or service vehicle.

CAPACITY - 70 - 181 tonnes (77 - 200 US tons), Stroke Range 400 - 685 mm

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - is powered by a Gast 3.9kW air motor

LOCK INDICATORS - confirm ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ status

LOCKING VALVES - dual hydraulic locking valves for added safety

LOAD LOWERING - counter balance valve for smooth controlled lowering of load

PNEUMATIC CONTROL VALVES - for precise lifting and lowering



Find the model number below or download the complete Safe D Lock® Catalogue here.

*Note: Jack tonnage capacities listed below are adjusted to US ton. "PD" indicates models with Powerdrive.

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