Portable Track Pin Press

Durapac's TTP-Series Pin Pusher, developed specially for tracked machines, allows for the safe and effective removal and installation of track pins, master pins, bushings, and master bushings. A cost-effective alternative to hazardous pin removal methods that saves time and total labor hours.

Every Durapac TTP-Series Pin Press Includes:

  • 1 x cast steel `C’ frame
  • 1 x double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • 2 x tie rod and 2 x nuts for connecting `C’ frame and cylinder
  • 1 x chain lever hoist
  • 2 x lifting slings and eyebolts for handling
  • Tooling sets
  • 20T flat jack and storage case
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TTP-Series Capacity Options

Depending on pin size, the TTP-Series Track Link Pin Pusher is available in the following models:

TTP-200T | Pin sizes 36.4mm to 73.9mm

TTP-150T | Pin sizes 41.9mm to 73mm

TTP-100T | Pin sizes 19.3mm to 60.2mm (Good up to a CAT D10 / Komatsu PC1250


TTP-Series Product Details

For complete details on the TTP-Series Track Link Pin Pusher & Installer, click the link below to download product details:

Click to Download TTP-Series Product Details




For any TTP-Series Pin Pusher model, Durapac recommends the DPR-224 air hydraulic pump or the PPM2014 Gas. For complete details on all available Durapac pumps: