P-Series Hand Pumps

The P-Series Hand Pumps offer a wide choice of steel and aluminum models for applications where portable hydraulic power is required. All models feature low handle effort for easy operation and are engineered for demanding industrial applications. Models are available to operate single and double acting cylinders and tools.

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Steel Hand Pumps

All pumps have a low handle effort for ease of operation and large, easy to grip external pressure release knobs. All models (excluding P-235L) incorporate a convenient carry handle. For applications requiring a high 1st stage flow the P-2260 offers 30cc per stroke within a compact portable package. Durapac’s pump range is a robustly built industry proven performer.

Oil Capacity: 350-2,600 cc

1st Stage Flow Rate: 3.1-30 cc

Max Operating Pressure: 240 / 700 bar


Aluminum Hand Pumps

All feature low handle effort for ease of operation and large easy to grip external pressure release knobs. Both the P-235A and P-235AT models feature a sealed bladder reservoir which allows the pump to be used at any operating angle. The P-235AT features a twin outlet design and incorporates two needle valves within the pump head. In applications requiring ultra high pressure the P-2100H offers a working pressure up to 2,800 bar. Durapac’s pump range is a robustly built industry proven performer.

Oil Capacity: 350-2,000 cc

1st Stage Flow: 3.9-13 cc

Max Operating Pressure: 700 / 2,800 bar


High Pressure Hand Pumps

The P-2100H Ultra High Pressure 2,800 Bar Working Pressure, Aluminum Bodied Manual Hand Pump is a single acting, two speed, two way valve design that can be used for bolt tensioning, bearing removal and high pressure testing.

Oil Capacity: 1,000 cc

1st Stage Flow: 28 bar

Max Operating Pressure: 2,800 bar


High Flow Hand Pumps

Ideally suited to operate high tonnage cylinders where conventional power sources are not available. Both models feature a first stage high flow of 113 cc per stroke for fast cylinder advance and retract and a high pressure power flow of 4 cc per stroke. Available with a 2 way valve for single acting applications or a 4 way valve for double acting applications. Durapac’s pump range is robustly built and an industry proven performer.

Oil Capacity: 8,000 cc

1st Stage Flow: 27.5

Max Operating Pressure: 700 bar


Hydrostatic Hand Pumps

The PHS-1900 Manually Operated Hydrostatic Hand Pump works with either water or oil. Special steels and rust proofing treatments allow the unit to be used in test applications using water as the hydraulic medium. It is a single speed pump and is fitted with a high pressure safety relief valve set at 700 bar.

Water Capacity: 900 cc, 2.3 cc per stroke

Pressure Rating: 700 bar



For complete hand pump details visit the Durapac site.

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